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Effortlessly turn your live, hybrid, and virtual event talks into relevant, insightful content in minutes, not days. AnswerBite empowers event teams to:

 📈 Boost Engagement Metrics

🌐 Expand Reach

🤝 Foster Community Interaction

🚀 Accelerate Sponsorship Value 

🌟 Build Thought Leadership

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Use Answerbite to Drive Engagement 
Before, During, and After Your Events

No, we are not another video editing tool. AnswerBite's AI helps event teams detect (in minutes) key moments from recorded talks of live, hybrid, or virtual events and turns them into social media goodies—like blogs, newsletters, LinkedIn posts, and video teasers. Helping your team, already stretched thin, do more with less!


Any recorded conversation 

♟️ Workshops

🖥️ Webinars

👨‍🏫 MasterClasses

🗓️ Meetings 

🎓 Educational videos



with AI


(quality content in minutes)

📕 Ebook Takeaways 

📱 Social Posts 

🎞️ Video Reels

📯 Newsletters

👨‍💻 Blogs

📃 White Papers 


Keep your Sponsors and Attendees Eager for More

Swiftly craft Event takeaways into social-media-ready copy with video teasers. Create a consistent and impactful narrative that resonates with your audience, making every event a success. 


Crafting the Foundation

Build anticipation with compelling
pre-event content! Repurpose past talks into a Press Release, a LinkedIn Invite, or an attendee Video Testimonial to offer participants a glimpse of the valuable insights to come!

An illustration of a simplified form of a social media post
An illustration of a simplified version of AsnwerBite's App, showing how the user can select different parts from a recording


Real-Time Engagement

Use AnswerBite for live talk curation and summaries, detect shareable speaker quotes for social posts &  craft a newsletter with key takeaways from each event session. 


Sustain Momentum

Deliver exclusive post-event content like bonus materials, captivating video teasers for social media, and Industry Playbooks packed with event takeaways and valuable resources for continuous reference.

An illustration of a simplified pdf titled "The CMO Playbook"

Leverage our Event Marketing AI to do more with less

Turn your recorded sessions into a trove of valuable content.

Eliminate Manual Curation

Save your team content curation time to focus on delivering exceptional experiences.

Deliver Thought Leadership

Intelligently repurpose event highlights into video clips and social media copy.

Simplify Event Collaboration

Collaborate with team, partners, and share content for sponsor approval.


Monetize Your Event Content With A Simple Fee.


All benefits available in one plan, just pay for the minutes you need. 


Fast quality content curation & creation from recorded chats.  


$15k in savings!


*The average cost for content creation in the United States can vary from $25 to $150 per hour.

Auto-detect Insightful Clips

Unlimited Clip Generation    

Unlimited Copywriting 

Unlimited users to collaborate

3 month storage

Customer help from humans

60 min free trial. No credit card required.


Teams leading the way

 in thought leadership.


1 yr extended storage and use

Buy annual credits per track/event

Integrate w/ social media tools

Dedicated Account Manager

Buy custom Event packages and spend your credits within a 1yr period.

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Ready to create engaging content for your event?

Try AnswerBite free now!

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