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Turning content into video teasers is now easy

AnswerBite takes the hassle out of creating engaging social media content,
turning your content into branded video teasers in minutes, not hours. 

Smart, Fast Transcription

Industry leading accuracy with a fast 12.1 seconds transcription time/hr of download.

Auto remove sensitive info and access speech model based on our customers’ use cases.

AI - generated teasers

No need to listen and edit a full conversation. AnswerBite scans your recordings, extracts key takeaways, and converts them automatically into video teasers.

Key Moment Indicator

Save time having to listen to a conversation. AnswerBite will highlight key moments for you to review and convert into video teasers at your own pace.

Search through

No more guessing when a a key phrase or word was mentioned. Search through conversations like you would through a Google Search & save hours. 

Filler word removal

No need to spend or wait hours finding and cutting out all the filler words from a conversation (ums, like). Just press a button and they will magically be deleted.

Easy Team

Need your teammate’s feedback or approval before publishing a video teaser? Easy. You can tag teammates and manage access to documents. 

Sound optimization

No need to spend or wait hours improving the sound of a conversation. Just press a button and the pitches, background noise will be reduced magically.  

Create Audiograms

Turn audio recordings into interactive video teasers effortlessly. All with branding options.

Make Videograms

Turn long-format videos into video teasers effortlessly. All with branding options.

Ready to streamline your content creation?

Get started with AnswerBite today!

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