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Get actionable insights to scale your business

Capture your reps interactions with clients, analyze speech and uncover endless sales & business opportunities. AnswerBite makes collecting and extracting insights from conversations drastically easier and affordable, so you can reach competitive advantage as you build high performing teams. 


Get actionable insights from your conversations


Keep track of all your conversations with customers’, text, audio & video at one single channel.

Search & Collaborate

Instantly turn speech into text. Search for keywords, extract & share clips.

Detect & predict

Analize sentiment, detect trends & customer needs, uncover sales opportunities.

Boost your operations

Improve your reps onboarding, create a training repository, set performance average at the top .


Collect, share, and analyze feedback from any device or channel, at great scale and speed. 

Gather all the sources of conversations in one place.

Get all the data stored in a safe, secure data lake.

Detect language & automatically transform speech into text.

Recognize entities, key phrases & sentiments. Analyze Behaviors, detect patterns, anticipate trends. 

Extract meaning from unstructured data.

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Turn your clients into promoters of your brand.

Get a 360° view of the customer journey at an easy-to-use dashboard.
Anticipate needs and allocate demands in the right channels.
Reduce handling times.
increase tickets' resolution rates.
Fix the most common product problems.
Build on the features people are really talking about.

Improve your process as you create unique experiences.

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Ready to supercharge your Customer Experience?
Get started with AnswerBite today!


Share knowledge across all business sectors & be sure your teams are making the best data-driven decisions. 

Humanize your brand & Services.

Automate manual tasks.

Onboard colleagues faster.

Enable colleagues & employees to improve the operation with qualitative data. 
Test new products & services before launching them on a big scale.

Get your marketing & sales teams up and running with the latest trends and opportunities.

Increase ROI,while reaching top of mind awareness.

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