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Fundraise effectively for your startup with Conversation Ai

Startup fundraising is hard, we know from experience! It’s difficult to know if it’s the investor or your narrative that is not a good fit.


AnswerBite helps founders keep track of every investor conversation, automatically detecting best in class behaviors and extracting actionable insights.

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How Answerbite Works

Forget the costly implementation fees on traditional Conversation Ai tools! 

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Everything you need to start fundraising!

  1. First check 
    Eager to start reaching out to investors? They will want to know about your business plan and KPIs. How much equity will you offer? What are your current capital expenses and what do you expect to achieve with the new investments? Go through our checklist and see if you’ve got the basics to start fundraising before jumping on a call. 


  2. It’s pitching day! 
    Invite investors to chat in Answerbite for instant transcription, summarization and question detection. Get real-time alerts on investors' frustration/ excitement signs, see the questions you should be asking before end time and adapt on the go to get to the next phase.


  3. The Perfect Pitch 
    Did you handle objections well? Did you listen to the investor’ recommendations? How well did you do when talking about financials, about your roadmap and the competition? AnswerBite automated Scorecards will map this out for you so you have better chances of success and improvement.

How Answerbite Works

Forget the costly implementation fees on traditional Conversation Ai tools! 

AnswerBite captures all your first interactions from discovery calls, summarizes and categorizes what is being said & automatically provides you with competition, pricing and product insights, so you can probe for real customer needs and find problems that are really worth pursuing.

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Validate your business model before scaling

  1. Capture all your discovery calls.

  2. Automate transcription and summarization.

  3. Detect behavior trends and common pain points.

  4. Track competitors, pricing and product mentions.

  5. Understand what customers really need.

Connect with the tools you already use

Safely connect AnswerBite’s Conversation Ai with your conferencing tools, export outcomes into your CRM of preference & get an integrated view of your fundraising conversations.


Keep your data secure with unbeatable uptime

SOC 2 Type I Compliant

AnswerBite's system design complies with the following trust principles, set by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA): security, availability, privacy, processing integrity, confidentiality.


AnswerBite is committed to the European Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR)  ensuring all personal data of individuals is managed according to the regulation provisions and requirements.


Health companies have shared responsibility under contract addendum and can also rely on our HIPAA compliance rules regarding the access, use, and disclosure of protected health information (PHI).

We have plans that accelerate your fundraising.

No hidden or setup fees.




For founders that need pitch tracking

& summarizing.

Start Now

Audio/video recording
Transcripts synced to timestamps
Integrated note taking
Automated summaries




For founders that want to hammer out questions and details real-time

Everything in Start plan +

Call library
Question detection
Keyword Search & Filter
Real-time coaching & alerts




For founders that want to leverage CI for successful fundraising pitches.

Everything in Grow plan +

Automated Scorecards
Points of improvement detection
Investor’s sentiment detection
Points of Success detection

Ready to start sealing more deals?

Get started with AnswerBite today!

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