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Supercharge your business by creating and sharing

authentic video content at scale. Whether you are a small business or enterprise,

create authentic videos in less time, securely, and affordably. 

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Video Collection


Add questions for your recipients to answer  via video or audio from any device at their convinience. 


Add calls-to-actions for your recipients to 

select as they view your video greeting from any device at their convinience. 

Real-time updates

Adding or deleting new questions or calls-to-actions to a video message that was already sent will autocorrect in real-time so your recipient is only viewing the most up to date info. 

Universal link 

Generate a URL link that you can email, text, and post on social media channels enabling recipients to engage with your video from any device, anywhere, at their convenience. 

Video Greeting

Record or upload a video greeting to personalize your outreach effort.

Automated GIFs

A 3-second GIF will be automatically created from your video greeting, enabling you to copy and paste it into your email. 

Video Creation

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Videograms & Audiograms

Convert your video and audio answers into professional videos you can share at scale across your internal and external outreach efforts with the click of a button. 

Motion Graphics

Automatically apply pre-set motion graphics to your video to increase engagement. 

Auto Scene Transitions

Automatically generate a 3-second GIF preview to embed into your emails.


Make quick edits by trimming the beginning or end of your video.


Stitch together multiple videos into a single playlist.


Automatically apply subtitles to your professional video to improve its engagement metrics. 


Video Sharing

Online video player

Responsive video player can be embedded anywhere, with support for 4k and 360 video.

Email videos

Put videos in your emails in just a few clicks using Gmail, Outlook, and more. No attachments or downloads required.

Video sharing pages

Customize your video’s landing page to match your company’s branding.

Video hubs

Curate your videos in one central place that can be secured for internal-only access, or published to the world.

Embed videos

Add videos to your website, emails, company portal, knowledgebase, or wherever else you need them.

View notifications

Get notified the moment your video has been watched, and know who watched it.

Will be integrated with the tools your business already uses

You will be able to connect AnwerBite to the tools you use most, and do more with video.

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Video optimization


Automatically optimize your videos with captions and metadata to rank better in search.

Automatic transcriptions

Automatically transcribe your videos for accessibility.

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Video Analytics

Powerful analytics dashboards

Get insight into video performance metrics like views over time and aggregate attention spans.

Individual viewer details

Identify who’s watching your videos, what they’re watching, and for how long.

CRM integrations and more

Push your video analytics data back into your CRM or MAP to report on the ROI of video.


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