Build trust at scale 

with short videos. 

Remotely collect and share authentic videos from your team, customers, and thought leaders to supercharge your business. 

For Marketing
For Sales
For Customer Success
For Corporate Communication

Drive engagement across your digital marketing channels 

with video bites from your experts, customers, and thought leaders. 

Connect with prospects at a human level by recording and sending personalized video greetings with calls-to-action through email, text, and social media.  

Collect insightful customer feedback in less time with video questions that engage your customers to answer via video or audio.  

Raise engagement across your internal and external comms with video bites from your employees, experts, and thought leaders. 

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Video for Sales ->
Video for Customer Success ->
Video for Corporate ->
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Time is money, we save you both. 

AnswerBite makes collecting, creating and sharing videos for your business drastically easier, faster and affordable. 

Save time and money
creating short video bites 
Remote and Convinient 
Automatic video creation
With AnswerBite you will be able to collect, create, share, and analyze videos at great scale and speed. 
Easily send a video link to your recipient and they will be able view and engage with it from any device, anywhere, at any time. 
With one click, convert your video or audio response automatically into a professional video with your logo, graphics, subtitles, and transitions. 

Share a link, collect video and audio answers

Send questions you would like a recipient to answer via video or audio at their convenience. 

No need for your recipient to install anything.

Collect both video and/or audio answers. 

Fully remote & asynchronous.

Works on any device. 

Convert raw videos into pro-style videos with one click

With the press of a button, automatically convert a video and/or audio answer into a motion graphic pro-style video. 

Branded with your logo.

Preset motion graphics, animations, and scene transitions. 

Auto-generated subtitles from speech to text transcription. 

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Publish videos anywhere with embedding included

Boost your brand by embedding, publishing, and sharing your videos anywhere. 

Embed videos and transcripts on your site to

boost conversations and SEO.

Share your videos on Youtube & social media

to amplify your brand.

Quickly create highlight reels for engaging social media ads. 

Publish any video in 1080p Square, Portrait, and Landscape formats. 

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