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AnswerBite helps marketing teams attract and convert greater qualified leads by repurposing their content into engaging video teasers quickly. 


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Helping Marketing teams attract qualified leads in less time

Convert one blog or webinar into 10 video teasers automatically. AnswerBite empowers you to effortlessly raise engagement with your target audience across your social media platforms.

6 Reasons why you need AnswerBite in your marketing stack!

10x your content creation
Instantly generate multiple creative videos + fresh unique social media copywriting from 1 webinar.
 20 hrs of work into 5 min
No more manual work. Turn those slashing 20 hrs/week spent on research and editing into 5 minutes.
2-4x your qualified leads
Repurpose your existing content into irresistible teasers for 2-4x more qualified lead acquisition.
25% more pipeline
Drive more pipeline than your existing content with smart content workflows that practically run themselves.
72% more engagement
Engage more creating and posting frequent snack content that resonates with your target audience.
Maximize ROAS
Automate dynamic video creation at scale. Run A/B tests to optimize your return on ad spend (ROAS).

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