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Uncover sales opportunities & drive retention with conversation insights.

Enabling customer experience teams to collect, share and extract insights from conversations in seconds.

Access customer trends

Anticipate needs to offer new features 

Share insights across teams with seamless collaboration 

Detect and repeat best practices 


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Build on the true needs of your customer

Retain more customers

Unlock customer insights and act on their true needs.

Drive high performance

Find and replicate best-in-class strategies.

Increase ROI

Detect upsell & cross-sell opportunities.

Retain more customers

Collect, share, and analyze feedback from any device or channel, at great scale and speed. 

Get a 360° view of your customer journey in one single channel.

Use VoC insights to unravel business process inefficiencies and act on the improvements.


Create positive brand experiences to keep your customers coming back.

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Drive high performance

Anticipate needs and allocate demands to the right channels. 


Store and review recordings to better understand interactions. 


Enable colleagues & employees to learn from qualitative data. 

Speed up team onboarding & increase ticket resolution rates. 

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Increase ROI

Analyze sentiment to predict customers’ behavior.


Detect patterns, highlight trends and offer the products & services people are really talking about.

Get marketing & sales teams up and running with the latest findings and opportunities.


Increase ROI, while reaching top of mind awareness.

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Connect the tools you already use

AnswerBite will soon connect to the tools you use most. Enabling you to extract customer insights from all your communication channels. 

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Ready to engage with customers & boost your Business ROI?

Get started with AnswerBite today!

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