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10x faster at 1/10th the cost

Create personalized videos 10x faster at 1/10 the cost with our simple pricing. 



Billed annually 

For teams "all-in" on video

3 users

Unlimited HD Videos

Custom questions

White lable on video & player

Video downloading

Embeddable videos

Add subtitles & branding

Dedicated onboarding

Message & calendar integrations

Collect video & audio responses from any device
Respondents answer at their convenience, from any device, without installing any software. 
Video recording and video uploads
Record and upload video greetings to engage your respondents with personalized video messages. 
Automatic video creation
With one click, convert your video or audio response automatically into a professional video with your logo, graphics, subtitles, and transitions. 
Questions and calls-to-action
Real-time adjustments 
Automatic GIFs
Attach questions or calls-to-action with your personal video greetings. 
Adding or deleting new questions or calls-to-actions to a video message that was already sent will autocorrect in real-time so your recipient is only viewing the most up to date info. 
After creating a video greeting, AnswerBite generates automatically a GIF that you can copy and paste into your email, text, and/or social media. 
Share videos across any channel 
Share your video or audio across email, text and all major social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more). 
Customized messaging
Attach a customized written message to every video greeting to improve engagement. 
Generate transcripts
Generate and view the transcripts of your videos, enabling faster review times. Plus, use the full video transcript for SEO purposes. 


Power your video strategy with a scalable

platform that’s built for business.


Power your video strategy with a scalable platform

that’s built for business.

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