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Retain more customers by extracting conversation insights in seconds.

We enable Customer Success teams to build exceptional customer interactions by collecting, sharing and extracting insights from conversations in seconds.

Access customer trends

Anticipate needs to offer new features 

Detect and replicate best practices 

Share insights across teams with seamless collaboration 


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Monitor customer satisfaction as you grow

Learn from Insights

Capture the Voice of your Customers seamlessly across channels.

Retain more customers

Manage Customer Health and deliver on their true needs.

Increase ROI

Anticipate trends and share the latest findings with teammates.

Learn from Insights

Capture all your conversations with customers from any device or channel, at great scale and speed.

Get accurate transcription and store your conversations in one single place. 

Use Voice of your Customers insights to unravel business process inefficiencies and act on the improvements.

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Retain more customers

Anticipate problems and needs and quickly assign them to the right channels. 


Surface multiple team coaching opportunities and replicate winning behaviors. 


Monitor your customers' overall satisfaction and brand engagement through sentiment analysis. 

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Increase ROI

Detect patterns and trends to maximize impact with custom offers and campaigns.


Enable colleagues & employees to learn from qualitative data.

Get all the organization up and running with the latest findings and build on the features people are really talking about.


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Connect the tools you already use

AnswerBite will soon connect to the tools you use most. Enabling you to extract customer insights from all your communication channels. 

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Ready to engage with customers & boost your Business ROI?

Get started with AnswerBite today!

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