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Attracting and retaining more talent with Conversation Intelligence.

Making it easier for employees to onboard and provide authentic feedback while empowering HR teams with actionable insights extracted from conversations in seconds.

Improve candidate experience 

Transcribe, search and share interviews 

Request tutorials from team experts via URL 

Enable employees to easily share feedback

Extract meaning from all your conversations


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Drive employee-centric experiences

Unlock Insights

Unlock insights from every candidate/ employee interaction.

Create Effective Processes

Detect and share best-in-class recruiter & training conversations.

Raise Attraction & Retention

Use insights to build a culture of innovation & drive retention.

Unlock Insights

Enable candidates to answer audio & video questions from any device or channel.

Capture employee feedback at great scale and speed.

Get accurate transcription and save your teams precious time for hiring and training.

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Create Effective Processes

Store & search for keywords and phrases inside interviews & feedback.


Pinpoint and share with colleagues important parts of your conversations. 


Surface multiple coaching opportunities and replicate winning behaviors.

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Raise Attraction & Retention

Detect patterns and anticipate your employee turnover risk.


Measure productivity in relation to employee satisfaction.

Use conversation Intelligence, sentiment and trend insights to develop better recruiting and training programs.

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Connect the tools you already use

AnswerBite will soon connect to the tools you use most. Enabling you to extract customer insights from all your communication channels. 

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Ready to onboard teams faster and retain more employees?Get started with AnswerBite today!

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