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Gerilynn Marburger on successful event planning & audience engagement


Gerilynn Marburger, Global Head of Events for Hewlett Packard.

Alejandro Garcia-Amaya, Founder of AnswerBite, host.

Speaker Quote

"Building communities is as important to your company, and to your corporate culture, as it is to audience acquisition. If you have a built in community, your job as an event marketer in terms of filling those event seats, improves incrementally " - Gerilynn Marburger


Dive into the world of B2B/B2C events with Gerilynn Marburger, Global Head of Events at Hewlett Packard, in this podcast hosted by Alejandro Garcia-Amaya. Discover the challenges of budgeting for large-scale events, the delicate balance between creativity and financial constraints, and the significance of community building. Explore best practices in event planning & audience engagement, the future of events and the importance of KPIs in this thought-provoking discussion.

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Step into your audience's shoes to make events meaningful experiences

Whether B2B or B2C, success in event planning starts with understanding your customers. Wear multiple hats – be a marketing detective to decipher motivations, a sociologist to explore interests and connect with your audience, and an accountant for meticulous planning. Embrace a universal, customer-centric strategy that goes beyond delivering moments, and turns events into meaningful experiences.

Actionable Steps

  • Conduct surveys and interviews to grasp audience motivations.

  • Develop detailed buyer personas for targeted understanding.

  • Organize role-playing sessions to simulate diverse audience perspectives.

Self-Reflection Questions

  • Have I actively sought direct input from the audience to understand their motivations?

  • Are my buyer personas detailed enough to truly represent the diverse audience?

  • How often do we engage in role-playing exercises to deepen our empathy for different audience segments?

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Expand Your Vision Beyond The Immediate, Adopting A Curious Mindset

Enhance your strategic prowess by transcending immediate concerns and cultivating a curiosity mindset. Instill rigorous organization and time management, but also acknowledge the inevitability of mistakes. Remember, mistakes are part of the journey and invaluable learning opportunities; learn, adapt, and move forward. 

Actionable Steps

  • Establish regular team brainstorming sessions for innovative ideas.

  • Implement ongoing training programs on emerging trends and technologies.

  • Foster a culture that embraces mistakes as opportunities for growth.

Self-Reflection Questions

  • How frequently do we conduct team brainstorming sessions to generate new and creative ideas?

  • Are our team members consistently updated on the latest industry trends and technologies?

  • Does our organizational culture genuinely view mistakes as learning opportunities?

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Amplify Live Experiences Through Strategic Content Leverage

Harness the power of technology to optimize your live events. Explore various platforms and tools for repackaging your thought leadership content. Expertly repurpose live event content to resonate seamlessly and timelessly in the digital realm. Leverage the perpetual potential of content in the digital landscape, maximizing impact and audience engagement. 

Actionable Steps:

  • Invest in user-friendly event technologies and apps.

  • Collaborate with digital marketing experts for effective content repurposing.

  • Develop a comprehensive digital strategy, including post-event engagement plans.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • Have we invested adequately in user-friendly event technologies to enhance the attendee experience?

  • How well are we leveraging the expertise of digital marketing professionals in our event planning?

  • Is our digital strategy comprehensive enough to maximize post-event impact and audience engagement?


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