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Attract buyers and

sellers with video 

Save time and boost engagement by sending personalized onboarding videos to new buyers or sellers. Record virtual listing tours displaying yourself and the property on your screen to engage prospects. Educate new reps with interactive training videos.  

Real Estate video marketing made easy 

Fast & easy

Upload your videos or create new ones with AnswerBite's screen recorder.

Connect with buyers

Share your videos through email, text and/or social media.

See who’s watching

Prioritize deals by tracking who’s viewing your videos and for how long. 

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Outdo your competitors

How do you stand out from your competition?
Do it with video, do it with AnswerBite!  

Easily record authentic outreach videos shared through email, text, and/or social media. 

Collect customer video testimonials at 10x the speed and 1/10th the cost.  

Share engaging property videos 

Create fast and easy property status updates 

Build thought leadership by boosting your content marketing

Supercharge your content marketing efforts (blogs, FAQs, website, social media channels) with short videos of yourself, as well as videos collected from other thoughtleaders answering relevant industry questions. 

Record videos easily–as many as you like, for free

Easily collect video answers from other thought leaders to share across your content channels. 
Google indexes videos so the more videos with the proper metatags, the better your chances are to be found in search results! 

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Ready to attract buyers and increase sales?
Get started with AnswerBite for Real Estate today!

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