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Gather actionable insights from your conversations
in seconds

Capture, access and share insights from all your customer conversations across teams.

AnswerBite makes understanding the Voice of your Customer drastically easier and faster. 


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Capture conversations in one place

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Capture the Voice of your Customer with branded video/audio surveys.

Collect 5x more feedback with an easy to share/embed URL. 

Get accurate transcription. No more note taking.


Store all your conversations, from any device or channel, in one single place.

Access customer insights automatically

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Access key takeaways from conversations in seconds.

Look for keywords and keyphrases that resonate with your customers' feelings.


Detect patterns and trends to build on the features your customers really care about.

Share and deliver actionable takeaways

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Share key audio clips with teammates seamlessly.

Empower teammates with the right info at the right time.

Maximize impact with easy collaboration.

Works with the tools you use

You will be able to integrate AnswerBite with the tools you love and leverage the power of conversational intelligence to extract actionable insights from all your communication channels.

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AnswerBite enables your team to consistently take winning actions

AnswerBite delivers actionable conversation intelligence to unlock opportunities, improve efficiency and assure growth.

Use your conversations to meet customer needs and consistently deliver meaningful impact.

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