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Learn about all you and your team
can do with AnswerBite

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Upload & discover

Upload your conversations to have access to our AI-powered analysis

Full transcript of your conversation linked to a player so you can replay any section needed.

A searchbar that allows you to find any word or phrase you need to track.

Insights, highlighting all questions and speakers feeling during your conversation.  

Our team's tip

Keep in mind the transcript and insights take a few minutes to become available. But don't worry, we'll email you when they're ready!

Select and save

Keep track of key moments of your conversations

Select in the transcript the portion you need to save and save it as a clip.

You can name every clip so you know what it is about.

Find all your video's clips in the Clips tab.

Share and collaborate

Share all the insights you uncovered.

Share full videos or clips.

Share with colleagues or with guests outside your company for a limited access.

See who has access and never loose control of your conversations.  

Anything we missed?

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