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How Techstars Alumni uses AnswerBite to deliver high-quality thought leadership content from their events in minutes

AnswerBite empowered Techstars Alumni to amplify Thought Leadership efforts, reducing time spent on curating and creating social media content with video teasers from 10 days to 10 minutes. 

Techstars Alumni

Industry: Non-profit

Size: 5-10 employees (500+ members)

Use Case: Social Media marketing, video marketing, thought leadership

10 days of work


10 minutes

Not just faster,

Better content.


Techstars alumni ($99 Billion in valuations, 19+ graduate unicorns), is a private founder underrepresented investor-backed community, that hosts virtual talks with unicorn/decacorn tech founders and Fortune 500 C-suite leadership covering industry challenges, best practices and priorities for the road ahead. 


Industry: Non-profit

Size: 5-10 employees (500+ members)

Use Case: Social Media marketing, video marketing, thought leadership


The Challenge:

With lean teams wearing multiple hats, the Techstars Alumni needed a faster and more effective way to curate, edit, and promote their bi-weekly thought leadership webinars and private chats with their 500+ members community through Newsletter, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog and Youtube channel.


Before AnswerBite:

  • Curating & Editing 2 video recordings (each 60 min long) into snackable teasers: 5 days.

  • Writing 1 thought leadership blog post (2-3K words): 5 hours.

  • Writing 4 social media posts: 2-4 hours.

  • Writing 1 newsletter: 2-6 hours.



The Outcome - AnswerBite Solution:

Implementing AnswerBite has revolutionized the Techstars Alumni creation of highly engaging content from webinars and podcasts, making the process effortless. Here's how AnswerBite addressed their challenges:

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Andrew Square
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Automated Transcription and Curation:

In just 10 minutes, AnswerBite not only automated transcription but also meticulously curated and summarized the key takeaways from the events the Techstars Alumni team uploaded, with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

High Engaging Content Generation:

Alongside the transcription and takeaways, AnswerBite swiftly delivered:​

  • 6 customizable attention-grabbing video teasers (3-5 for each recording)

  • 1 in-depth blog post

  • 1 compelling post-event newsletter

  • 4 ready-to-share social media posts with the event’s highlights (including 1 LinkedIn post, 1 Twitter thread, 1 YouTube description, and 1 Instagram post).

Seamless Review and Customization:

The Techstars Alumni marketing team also discovered a significant distinction in AnswerBite. The platform enabled them to trace the origin of each takeaway, linking it to its corresponding section in the transcript. This feature simplifies the review process and facilitates the validation of AI's curation and key moments.


The tool also provided them with custom branding, allowing them to add custom logos and colors, and to provide feedback over results, contributing to an iterative process that consistently refines and aligns the content with individual preferences and evolving needs. 

Smart Collaboration & Sharing: 

The Techstars team had one last major challenge which was approving content amongst Host, special guests and marketing coordination, different types of organizations, all at the same time before releasing it. 


A process which was simplified, due to the collaboration features inside the tool. Any project in AnswerBite can be made private or shareable, exclusively to team members or outside-of-organization users, which can give thumbs up or down to the content created.


Within minutes after the event, the marketing team could curate content, share it with managers for review, and then distribute it to guest speakers for peer review and their convenience.


By leveraging AnswerBite, the Techstars Alumni achieved:


Reduced content creation time from days to minutes.


Maintained high-quality content aligned with industry trends.


Streamlined the content creation process through peer collaboration.

Cost Savings

Drastically reduced the time and resources spent on editing and writing.

“AnswerBite empowered us to leverage our own know-how, providing a seamless blend of human expertise and AI precision. The speed and accuracy at which the platform curated our content, not only saved us an incredible amount of time but also maintained the authenticity of our industry insights”. 


Debora Dellani - Techstars Alumni Marketing Lead

Ready to Elevate Your Content Strategy?


AnswerBite not only transformed the Techstars Alumni's content creation process but also empowered them to build thought leadership, enhance brand awareness, and engage their audience effectively. With AnswerBite, the Techstars Alumni continues to be a leading force in the tech industry, sharing valuable insights and best practices within their community.

Ready to Elevate Your Content Strategy?

Discover how AnswerBite can help your organization save time, cut costs, and amplify your thought leadership efforts. Get started today!

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